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Protect your organization from zero-day attacks with Cryptika
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Brief about Cryptika

Cryptika is a fully integrated IT security and managed services provider, specialized in Next-Generation Cyber Security Technologies. Based in Jordan.

Cryptika comprise a comprehensive team of experts and thought leaders. Our scope of work includes everything from design, implementation and procurement of high tech IT infrastructure to IT Consulting, Cyber Surveillance and full IT managed security services.

We believe standing up for our values is the highest form of honor. We assist our customers in operating and securing their IT assets and applications with full discretion, prudence and diligence – both financial and technical.

Our strength is in our ability to carter to our clients varied needs and provide a highly competitive procurement management service. Our aim is to keep you at the forefront of technology securely and economically..

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#15 Wakalat Street, Al-Swiefieh, Amman, Jordan

كريبتيكا!. مزود متكامل لخدمات الأمن السيبراني, أمن المعلومات, وإدارة خدمات تكنولوجيا المعلومات، مقرها في الأردن، تضم كريبتيكا فريقًا شاملاً من الخبراء وقادة الفكر. يشمل نطاق عملنا كل شيء بدءًا من الاستشارات والتصميم, الفحص والتقييم والتدقيق, تنفيذ وتزويد البنية التحتية لتقنية المعلومات, حلول استمرارية الاعمال الى الخدمات المُدارة ومركز عمليات أمن المعلومات المٌدار بالكامل

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