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Containers as a Service

Containers as a Service

Our CaaS provides capabilities that automate the deployment and hosting of containers across multiple cloud environments. Cryptika CaaS does not rely on one code stack or language, which is why you can have it in multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments.

The automation provided by Cryptika CaaS can significantly increase the efficiency of your pipeline. Since many tasks are automated, development and IT staff gain more time and productivity increases. Additionally, automation can speed up processes and ensure the ecosystem remains consistently up-to-date.

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Corporate Solutions

  • Backup Policies and Procedures (SOPs) Development
  • Backup Planning, Implementation, Test and Maintenance
    • Hardware Provision, Delivery, and on-site Installation (HPE)
    • Software Installation and Backup Plans Implementation (VEEAM)
    • Software Maintenance and Regular Backups Restoration Tests
  • Disaster Readiness Policies and Procedures (SOPs) Development
  • Disaster Recovery Sites Implementation
    • DR Site as a Service
    • DR Continuous Replication Software Installation, and Setup
    • Regular Disaster Recovery Tests
  • Disaster Recovery Policies and Procedures (SOPs) Development
  • Enterprise Business Applications Migration Services
    • Mission Critical Migrations (Double-Take)
    • Virtualization (all platforms including hyper-converged solutions)
    • Hypervisor Migrations
    • Cloud Migrations
  • High Availability Solutions
    • Hyper-Converged Solutions (Nutanix, StarWind)
    • Software Defined Datacenters (Cryptika Private Cloud)
    • High Availability Fail-Over Clusters Implementation
      • All kinds of roles (Databases, Email, Hypervisors, etc.)
    • Load balancing Solutions
      • Software Defined Load Balancer
      • Hardware Load Balancing Solutions

Computing Power (Servers)

Computer Networks

Storage Solutions

Cloud Infrastructure


Because virtualization doesn’t require actual hardware components to be used or installed, IT infrastructures find it to be a cheaper system to implement. There is no longer a need to dedicate large areas of space and huge monetary investments to create an on-site resource. You just purchase the license or the access from a third-party provider and begin to work, just as if the hardware were installed locally.

Virtualization Solutions
Get in touch, our team will help you in planning your infrastructure
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High Availability Solutions

Focus your business continuity on the application layer

Ensure information availability in real-time, and your business is always on Let our team listen to your business continuity concerns, and design a high available setup for your business Apps

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Cryptika IT Service Level Agreements

Offload IT security/availability and focus on whats matter

Cryptika will help protect your digital enterprise against cyber-attacks and maintain an always on-enterprise with end-to-end monitoring, advising and defensive services

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