Why Should Your Business Have an IT SLA (Service Level Agreement)?

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It surprises that we go out and purchase Life Insurance, Home Insurance, Car Insurance, Road Assistance for our vehicles and even Business Insurance, but we commonly neglect the area of most importance, which keeps our business running, which is of course is our IT Network.

Yes you hire IT Service Providers, you install Virus Protection, you do your Backups and you purchase IT Hardware that has more Redundancy, such as multiple Hard Drives and two Power Supplies, but is this enough to allow you peace of mind? Should you expect that you will never have IT Network downtime and that you will always have Business Continuity?

Many businesses find out the hard way, that although they have been assured by their IT Service Providers that all is well, but when a Server crashes or a malicious Virus occurs or someone intrudes into their IT Network, that their IT Service Provider is not really obligated, to provide their business with the Support and Protection that was promised.

This is where a formal IT SLA (Service Level Agreement) is important to your business. It all starts with performing a detailed IT Assessment of your Network. A report should list the areas that need improvement or upgrading. After these improvements and upgrades are taken care of, then a level of IT Service and Support would be determined.

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