Intelligently manage cyber threats and your security weaknesses

With the growth in cyber-attacks and data breaches costing business and the public sector millions every year, cyber security is now high on the strategic agenda.

The deliverables will be a report and result analysis with the client and remedial action which will be dependent on the results and what the next course of action should be.

Password guessing - Brute Force - Attack - Pentest -Hacking
Vulnerabilities Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT)

VAPT helps protecting businesses by exposing weaknesses that provide an alternative route to sensitive data. Penetration Testing aim to identify hidden security issues that exist as a result of insecure applications development and/or configuration practices in the design, codes, operating systems, network and publishing tools.

Avoid Costs of Breaches and Downtime

Recovering from a security breach can cost an organization millions of dollars in IT remediation efforts, customer protection and retention programs, and legal activities. Penetration tests help you discover and remediate potential risks before they lead to a security compromise.

What is the Process to run a Penetration Test?

Our engagements are typically performed using manual and automated technologies to systematically compromise Business Applications, Servers, Network, Endpoints, Mobile Devices, and other potential points of exposure. Once vulnerabilities have been successfully exploited within a system, testers may use compromised systems to find other weaknesses that allow them to obtain higher and deeper levels of access to assets and data. Information about security weaknesses that are successfully identified or exploited through penetration testing is typically aggregated and presented to IT and network system managers helping them make strategic decisions and prioritize remediation efforts.

Preserve Corporate Image and Customers Loyalty

Each incident of compromised customer data can be costly: negatively affecting sales and tarnishing an organization’s public image. Penetration Testing helps you prevent data incidents that put your organization’s reputation and trustworthiness at stake. Penetration testing helps IT professionals measure risk and evaluate the consequences that attacks, or similar incidents, may have on resources and operations.

Cryptika VAPT Services are helping our customers as well in addressing their auditing & compliance aspects of regulations. The detailed reports penetration tests will help your organization avoid significant fines and help you document ongoing due diligence through maintaining required security controls.

Penetration Tests provide detailed information on actual security weaknesses. By performing penetration test, you can proactively identify vulnerabilites, determine most critical exploitable ones, enabling you as well to identify less significant threats, and false positives, Helping you prioritize resources and response.

What is Penetration Testing Service
Our VAPT Engagements Usually Includes:

Automated Scan: Conducting thorough information security vulnerabilities scanning for servers hosting and running business applications; exploring security vulnerabilities and gaps in the network, operating systems all the way to up to business applications

Manual Review: Assessing business applications for flaws and vulnerabilities, such as XSS (cross-site scripting), SQL Injection, SSRF, CSRF, IDOR, XML Injection, CRLF and many other critical vulnerabilities along the ten most critical application security risks announced by OWASP Top 10 2021 (latest release)

Planning Pentest: Filtering results excluding false positives, and identifying exploitable vulnerabilities. Analyzing, setting priorities and modeling what's left over. Developing attack scenarios for each

Exploitation Attempt: Coordinating regarding schedule/methods of applying attack scenarios on targeted environment, where evidences of the penetration (such as a screen shot) is collected for reporting purposes

Cryptika testing services gives you immediate, global visibility into where your IT systems might be vulnerable to the latest cyber threats and how to protect them. It helps you to continuously secure your IT infrastructure and comply with internal policies and external regulations.
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