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Off-site backup and disaster recovery (DR) in the cloud

Microsoft Azure
Cryptika Private Cloud
Amazon AWS

Cryptika | VEEAM | Backup and Replication | Availability | DR | Cloud
From Backup to Availability

A powerful, easy-to-use and affordable backup and Availability solution. It provides fast, flexible and reliable recovery of virtualized applications and data, bringing VM (virtual machine) backup and replication together in a single software solution. Delivers super great support for VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V virtual environments.

Business Expects Availability

Today’s rapid pace of technological innovation is forcing digital and physical worlds to collide – and it’s also transforming the way organizations operate in every industry. This digital transformation can either make or break your business. Because, in the digital world, customers expect 24.7.365 Availability.

Take a Look at our Advanced Business Continuity Services

  • Backup Policies and Procedures (SOPs) Development
  • Backup Planning, Implementation, Test and Maintenance
    • Hardware Provision, Delivery, and on-site Installation (HPE)
    • Software Installation and Backup Plans Implementation (VEEAM)
    • Software Maintenance and Regular Backups Restoration Tests
    • Disaster Readiness Policies and Procedures (SOPs) Development
  • Disaster Recovery Sites Implementation
    • DR Site as a Service
    • DR Continuous Replication Software Installation, and Setup
    • Regular Disaster Recovery Tests
  • Disaster Recovery Policies and Procedures (SOPs) Development
  • Enterprise Business Applications Migration Services
    • Mission Critical Migrations (Double-Take)
    • Virtualization (all platforms including hyper-converged solutions)
    • Hypervisor Migrations
    • Cloud Migrations
  • High Availability Solutions
    • Hyper-Converged Solutions (Nutanix, StarWind)
    • Software Defined Datacenters (Cryptika Private Cloud)
    • High Availability Fail-Over Clusters Implementation
      • All kinds of roles (Databases, Email, Hypervisors, etc.)
    • Load balancing Solutions
      • Software Defined Load Balancer
      • Hardware Load Balancing Solutions

Cryptika | VEEAM | Backup and Replication | Availability | DR | Cloud
Fast and Predictable Migration

Migrations with traditional tools can be complex, error-prone and require unacceptable downtime in today’s always-on climate. Cryptika enables migration of business-critical applications within the most stringent service level agreement (SLA) requirements. Perform all kind off systems migration tasks including IBM Power Systems, during normal business hours and with near-zero downtime.

Our Best-In-Class Migration Process

Cryptika’ advanced platforms and tools let you do all this and more.
We make it easy to eliminate the usual challenges and downtime inherent in the migration process, while testing the results without risk. Enjoy these benefits whether you are a System Integrator or Service Provider working with multiple clients with their own complex IT objectives. This proven process has successfully migrated tens of thousands of servers over Cryptika’ rich history.

Cryptika | Vision Solutions| Double-Take | MIMIX | Maigration | Availability | DR | Cloud

Take advantage of migration services and proven workflows designed to ensure continuity. Perform easy, predictable server and data center migrations with near-zero downtime, even in complex environments. Implement a better technology faster for a more favorable ROI.

Cryptika | Vision Solutions| Double-Take | MIMIX | Maigration

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