IBM Acquired Cloud Data Protection Company Polar Security

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Since Arvind Krishna became the CEO in April 2020, IBM has acquired more than 30 companies. They made their 5th acquisition with Polar Security after acquiring StepZen and Ahana in February and April, respectively, in 2023.

IBM has been researching to show its cloud and Artificial Intelligence capabilities, which led to many acquisitions.

As the COVID-19 pandemic paved the way for Cloud adoption for multiple organizations, there came something called “Shadow Data”.

Shadow Data is nothing but sensitive data that has no tracking or management.

Polar Security provides its customers with Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) services.

This means that they have been working on locating sensitive data on all the storage locations like On-Premises, Cloud, or any Public Cloud Infrastructures.

Polar Security, established in January 2021, they have been helping organizations discover, monitor and secure cloud application data and Software-as-a-service (SaaS) based application data.

The Automation provided by Polar Security works like an agentless platform that automatically detects sensitive data in the cloud, including Structured or Unstructured cloud assets. 

After the initial discovery, Polar Security provides the remediation and generates a report on the security risks and compliance violations of the data involved. It also provided practical methods to address these security risks.

IBM stated they plan to integrate Polar Security’s DSPM technology with their Guardium data security products.

This will allow Guardium security teams to get a complete analyzed report on all the data storage locations where they can work and remediate the risks.

Though IBM has disclosed its plans to use Polar Security’s Technology with its products, the original acquisition price was not disclosed.

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