Tor Browser 13.0 Released: What’s New

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Tor Browser 13.0.14 has been released, bringing essential security updates to the popular privacy-focused web browser.

This latest version includes updates to the underlying Firefox browser and several bug fixes and improvements.

Critical Updates in Tor Browser 13.0.14

  1. Updated Tor to The Tor network software has been updated to the latest stable version,, which includes bug fixes and security improvements.
  2. Firefox 115.10.0 ESR: The browser engine powering Tor Browser has been updated to the latest Extended Support Release (ESR) version of Firefox, 115.10.0.
  3. Android Security Fixes: The Android version of Tor Browser has been backed up with security fixes from Firefox 125.
  4. Bug Fixes: This release addresses several bugs, including issues related to timezone leaks, localization, and homepage settings.

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Updated Platforms!

All Platforms

  • Updated Tor to
  • Bug tor-browser#41676: Set privacy.resistFingerprinting.testing.setTZtoUTC as a defense-in-depth
  • Bug tor-browser#42335: Do not localize the order of locales for app lang
  • Bug tor-browser#42428: Timezone offset leak via document.lastModified
  • Bug tor-browser#42472: Timezone may leak from XSLT Date function
  • Bug tor-browser#42508: Rebase Tor Browser stable onto 115.10.0esr

Windows + macOS + Linux

  • Updated Firefox to 115.10.0esr
  • Bug tor-browser#42172: browser.startup.homepage and TOR_DEFAULT_HOMEPAGE are ignored for the new window opened by New Identity
  • Bug tor-browser#42236: Let users decide whether to load their home page on a new identity.
  • Bug tor-browser#42468: App languages not sorted correctly in stable


  • Bug tor-browser-build#41110: Avoid Fontconfig warning about “ambiguous path”


  • Updated GeckoView to 115.10.0esr
  • Bug tor-browser#42509: Backport Android security fixes from Firefox 125

Tor Browser 13.0.14 is now available for download from the official Tor Browser download page and the project’s distribution directory.

Users are encouraged to update to this latest version to benefit from the security improvements and bug fixes.

If you encounter any issues or have suggestions for future improvements, the Tor team welcomes your feedback.

You can report bugs or share ideas through the project’s issue tracker.

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