Top 5 Tools to Scan Infrastructure as Code for Vulnerabilities – 2022

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Scan infrastructure, the name itself suggests the definition of it. This is the accessibility that gives you the security level of infrastructure with Infrastructure as code model. If you need any further information and vulnerabilities, found then you can try with infrastructure assessment. Internal scan only works internally, and it provides detail about their criticality.

Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) makes the revolution for any face of modern IT infrastructure. It is very cost-effective and makes everything secure. Its performance is excellent and efficient. This is the reason many industries are adopting IaC to deploy cloud environments. This has some other berthed technologies like Azure, AWS templets of cloud formation, OpenFaaS YML, etc.

You might be thinking, how you will use this IaC? This is a high-end descriptive coding, and it comes with automating IT infrastructure provisioning. Most of the thing in this happens automatically like the connection of database, storage, operating system, and much more.

This is an automating infrastructure that is best for business. Using this, many businesses got advantages like it to reduce the risk, control costs, tight up security, provide an effective response for new competitive threat, etc. As a user, you need to scan IaC for vulnerabilities because it makes everything easy-breezy and gives a perfect regular scan. Here you will get some best scanning tool which will help to grow your business.

Tools to Scan Infrastructure as Code 2022

  1. Checkov
  2. TFLint
  3. Terrafirma
  4. Accurics
  5. CloudSploit



This is one of the best tools to analyze static code which detects the cloud misconfiguration in Infrastructure as Code. This can scan the cloud infrastructure and manage the Terraform, Kubernetes, CloudFormation, etc.

Since this is a Python-based software, it makes simple everything like writing, coding, managing, vision control, etc. Checkov can give the best practice and compliance for the Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure. Checkov is open-source software that gives output in different formats like JSON, CLI, Junit XML, etc. This also helps to make you handle dynamic code effectively.


This is also called Terraform Iinter whose main work focuses on checking the possible error and serves the best security with Infrastructure as Code platform. Though this is an amazing tool for IaC, it validates the issues, and this is provider-specific. There you will get benefited if you get TFLint handy.

Tools always get updated, and you need to take the latest one to get the visible result, and you need to install these for windows, macOS, and docker.

Some other providers also it will support AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google cloud.



This is another best tool that is best for static code analysis. It gives its best use for the Terraform plans. It detects security misconfigurations.

If you can use it properly, then it gives you the perfect result instead of JSON. This is perfect in everything, so users are happy while using them. While installing it, you need to use virtualenv and wheels.


By using accuri cs you can protect your cloud infrastructure so that it cannot be misconfigured and must have proper policy violation. It will also have potential data. Accurics also has code scanning for Terraform, Dockerfile, OpenFaaS YAML, etc.


If you can detect the issue, then you can easily take the remedies and solve the problem in Infrastructure as Code. While running these accurics, ensure that in infrastructure configuration, there should not be any defect.

You need to protect the complete cloud stack which includes software container, infrastructure, servers, etc. It’s primary work is to eliminate the drift and detect the changes, and it also create posture drift.

Using this software, you can notify the developers of any issues regarding workflow like Slack, email, Splunk, JIRA, and much more. If you need this cloud version for your organization then you can download the self-hosted version depending on the requirement.


If you want to scan Cloudformation templets within seconds then you need to use CloudSploit. Through this, you can do a scan of 95 security vulnerabilities and it consists of AWS products.


This tool helps to detect the risk efficiently, and before it starts, cloud infrastructure, the user has to implement the security feature. It also offers plugin-based scan so that you can add security depending on the resource, and this can be an addition to AWS.

CloudSploit thinks about user convenience, so only it provides API access. You will even get the drag-and-drop feature where you will get the result in few seconds.

You need to upload the template into the scanner, it will automatically compare each resource setting and unidentified the values.

After that, it will provide you result then you will come to know about, warning, fail or pass. Besides this, you can check every result to see the affected resource.

Final Thoughts:

In this era, infrastructure as code is becoming famous for every industry. This has also made the necessary changes in IT infrastructure and made it more robust and better. As a user, you need to practice IaC , or else you will get many security loopholes. But you should not be worry because these tools get scan IaC for vulnerabilities.