Top 10 SMTP Test Tools to Detect Server Issues & To Test Email Security

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The SMTP test tool is one type of tool which checks your SMTP server’s health status. First, it connects SMTP server then it sends an email. As we all know, for doing B2B business, email is the third most essential thing for conveying any information. The majority is not much concerned about mail, and many emails go to spam the customer does not check.

Before you do the SMTP test, you might be wondering what the SMTP is and its work? This is a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. It has a set of command which authenticate and transfer the content directly to the email. It is mainly linked with IMAP or POP3. The main work is to send an email where IAMP and POP3 help to receive emails. You can say, SMTP is a protocol that allows sending email to people.

Sending an email is important for every business so we should rely on SMTP server. SMTP test tools only can help you to solve SMTP server issues and keep your mail safe. Tool send message to the SMTP server, and it solves your problem.

Tools quickly check the issue and understand the log details. It also checks whether it is your login credential or any external threat. By using this tool, only you will be knowing correctly that whether emails are reaching the right destination or not. It provides you the correct result with less cost and time.

Modern SMTP comes with many different integration options where you can leverage those already used tools. The Result varies depending on the tools but a few results have to be common like IPv6 support, ICAP support, and SOCKS support. Here you will find out some best SMTP tools that are good to diagnose and maintain security properly.

Top 10 SMTP Test Tools

  1. SocketLabs
  2. MxToolbox
  3. Wormly
  4. CheckTLS
  5. SSL-Tools
  6. ImmuniWeb
  7. DNSQueries
  8. NetScanTools
  9. SMTPDiag Tool
  10. Microsoft Analyzer


It is one of the best free SMTP test tools used for monitoring, diagnostics, etc. This is very easy and free to download, which also helps to troubleshoot SMTP connection.

  • It supports SSL and SMTP server connection, and it also contains few commands like DATA, RCPT TO, EHLO, and much more.
  • Usually, the SMTP tool is very light, and for download, this user must have Windows and NET 2.0 frameworks.



Through this, sending mail is very easy because you just need to enter your mail address and click on the next button. This test will get connected with mail servers which will work through SMTP, and it also has to perform an Open Relay Test so that you can verify with a few servers which include DNS or PTR records.

Not only this, but you can also calculate the response time associated with the mail server. If you do not know your mail server address, you need to review MX Lookup.



Users can start the SMTP test in Wormly; only you need to enter the SMTP server IP or else your full domain address. You also need to enter your email address so that your tool can verify through the SMTP server.

There is an option for override the default TCP port which will directly be connected to the SMTP server. You can send an SMTP test mail to that email address.

You can even deny that option if you want to do an SMTP handshake testing.



Through CheckTLS, you can check the security of email and know-how is it working? It has an EmailSentry outlook, which makes sure that you have sent emails, and this is completely private, safe, and legal.

This is approved by HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, CCPA, and other regulatory compliance. It basically for email security.

If it detects any issue after testing in your mail, then CheckTLS helps those to fix them.


You can check your encryption through this server in a very simple way. A Pretty straightforward tool where you can easily enter the domain part and test the security.


It will also discover the incoming mail server supports through STSRTTLS. It also has an SSL certificate.

If you want a perfect security service, SSL-Tool is the best, and it will give perfect testing to their vulnerabilities to heartbleed.


This is a very efficient tool for testing SSL security. This is actually a free tool that performs 73M security.


This tool offers different types of security tests like email servers, web servers, SSL certificates, tests for PCI DSS, HIPAA, etc.

As a user, you no need to do anything much; just need to enter the mail server address or website address, and you can start testing.


This is a very helpful tool that check the server health and makes sure that it works correctly.

At first, this tries to connect mail server and send mail so that reaching mail chances becomes more. On the web page, it displays the result.


This tool is very successful and doing everything very professionally, and you only just need to enter the hostname, and the test will get started.


It is designed in such a way that you can easily send emails through the SMTP mail server. It always gives you perfect access to header parameters.


This supports SMTP authentication where the user needs to put a password along with the user name which the server needs. This tool sends you the attachment through the mail. You can view those files and check the communication between SMTP and NetScanTools Pro.

It also performs 15+ typical relay tests, which will interact with the SMTP server. You can also view which one is best and that you want to run that particular test report in your browser. This also gives the best communication between the NetScanTools Pro and the SMTP server.

SMTPDiag Tool

SMTPDiag Tool

Using this tool, you can find and troubleshoot all the server issues regarding sending mail. Any problem will automatically display inside the log window.

This window even displays the sending steps where you will come to know about the fail or pass and error. You will be receiving the indication via message.

This SMTP Test Tool is very user-friendly, where it becomes easy to check the information and IP address correctly and immediately.

Microsoft Analyzer

Microsoft Analyzer

It provides remote connectivity, which has to give results by doing a lot of tests. The test happens via inbound and outbound SMTP email.

Inbound, it shows different type of tests that email server use to send the domain in SMTP email.

In outbound, SMTP use Ips to fulfill the requirements, which includes RBL checks, reverse DNS, and sender ID.

Final thoughts

Sending an email is only the first connectivity with your client. It is always better to find out the weather every email is reaching or not in the correct destination successfully.

These SMTP Test Tools used to fix potential risks, and it makes sure that email should not reach the receiver’s spam box. This tool also safeguards every email security and increases durability.