Top 10 Best Email Security Software & Solutions – 2023

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When you are reading this article, normally you know about email security. So email security software must be the top priority of your business to prevent phishing, spam and malware-based attacks.

Moreover, email is the prime target that hackers use to get access to your company and its internal network, in this case, Email security solutions are the most important concern in order to prevent malicious email threats with the help of the top 10 best Email Security Software that you’re going to learn below.

They always catch private data like phishing, business email, and much more. If you opt for a security solution, this will be the first-line defense of the Email Security solutions.

This is one of the perfect platforms which guard your email against hackers, viruses, and spam.

There are different types of email security solutions available in the market.

Some are very special which is only perfect for enterprise users looking for granular admin control with advanced function ability.

There are few in the market which is best for smaller businesses, and those are very affordable.

As a user, you need to understand the requirement. Here we have discussed all types of email security software with their key features to find the right solution.

Best Email Security Software & Solutions

Email Security Software Features
SpamTitan Easy to Manage  2x Anti-Virus Protection  Support Team Allow & Block Microsoft 365 Layer Zero Day Attacks Data Leak Prevention Email Phishing Dedicated RBLs Email Content Filtering  Infected Attachments Proven Spam Blocker Quarantine Reports Customizable Policies Outbound Scanning Sandboxing
Avanan Prevents delivery of malicious emails Secures all email DLP Ransomware and Malware Protection Stopping email before it reaches the inbox Complete security against advanced threats Post-Delivery Protection Anti-phishing Easy Deployment Complete Visibility Extends Beyond Email Higher Catch Rate advanced forensics on network
Proofpoint Phishing, imposter, and email fraud protection Multilayered detection Smart search Gain Granular control of the unwanted email Targeted Attack Protection Identify graymail phishing, malware, impostor threats, bulk email, spam protection
N-able Mail Assure
Mimecast Secure Email Gateway
Barracuda Essentials
Cisco Cloud Email Security
Microsoft Defender for Office 365
Forcepoint Email Security

Top 10 Best Email Security Solutions & Software

  1. SpamTitan
  2. Avanan
  3. Proofpoint
  4. N-able Mail Assure
  5. Mimecast Secure Email Gateway
  6. Barracuda Essentials
  7. Cisco Cloud Email Security
  9. Microsoft Defender for Office 365
  10. Forcepoint Email Security


This makes strong threat protection between inbound and outbound mail. It generates a multi-layer threat with CEO Impersonation protection.

SpamTitan does the checking about other things like URL analysis, sandbox attachment, SPF, checking, etc.

SpamTitan Email Security Solutions prevents whaling and phishing attacks by scanning inbound emails, providing robust protection.

The leak prevention also helps so that the loss of outbound email data becomes to stops.

This makes the configuration easy so that it can remove the threat in a user-friendly manner.

It has a comprehensive SEG set that helps to intergrade the existing email system.

This is very famous with the customers, and it will give high-quality technical support.

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Avanan is also an innovative multilayer cloud-based security system that protects emails from inside the email inbox.

It provides complete threat protection so that it secures inbound, outbound, and internal email.

This platform protects your business from sophisticated email attacks such as malware, phishing, data loss, account compromise, etc.

Like other traditional email gateways, it also can deploy every threat just in a few minutes.

Without any MX record change this application analyzes the historical email and detects user impersonation and fraud.

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By listening to the annual revenue of $1bn, you may understand how good this software is to secure your business.

This is one of the world’s largest email security solutions.

It acts as a ProofPoint essential for small and mid-size organizations.

Those are so strong that it is best for email protection, encryption, archiving, continuity, etc.

It delivers everything in a single platform with a single admin console.

This gives unparalleled visibility to the email threat so that it cannot attack.

Global threats can come from email, mobile, social, etc. and it can reduce this through its threat intelligence platform.

Proofpoint email security software can analyze more than 100 million data and email boxes per day.

It can also handle 7 million mobile apps and 200 million social media accounts. It secures more than 50% of the Fortune 100.

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N-able Mail Assure

This is a cloud-based security suite that provides safety to inbound and outbound emails. It also protects your business from spam, malicious and other URLs.

It has email filtering technology which machine learning includes and it protects from social engineering and spear-phishing.

N-able is also capable of rejecting other targeted email threats. It first collects the threat intelligence and then connects it to email continuity to give long-term protection.

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Mimecast Secure Email Gateway

This is a fully-featured secure email security software solution whose market name is Mimecast.

This mainly works for enterprise users. This can give a high level of protection.

Mimecast is very powerful and customized, which provides strong protection against any threat. This gives a fine-tuned service that suits every business’s specific needs.

Due to its impersonation protection, it can prevent phishing attacks which can work as an attachment and provide the perfect URL protection. This always works to stop the threats, so they do not infect the network.

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Barracuda Essentials

This has impressive features and provides a rich security system without breaking the bank. It also offers spam protection and virus scanning perfectly.

Very easily, it deploys with Office 365 and makes this a perfect option.

Most small businesses look for this type of application and want to move the email network over to the cloud this work does it perfectly.

Barracuda is affordable in range, fully packed with many features, and offers advanced protection with outbound email filtering. The paid version has many more additional features and provides a competitive service. This application is best for smaller businesses.

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Cisco Cloud Email Security

It is one of the best string email security software that provides strong defenses against email-based attacks. It does not compromise with attackers, and it also has a research team that looks for huge email threats.

It makes sure that you will have advanced threat protection. This Cisco platform offers the best protection where your business mail will be safe without compromising anything.

After this gets downloaded, it automatically blocks the unsafe link and only accepts those that look to be genuine. This platform has other features which are customizable and provide the best email security.

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This is a very fast and powerful Email Security solution to protect against the virus.

IRONSCALES includes six different modules where it has a single admin which consoles to manage since this is a full cloud base platform, completely perfect for Office 365 and G Suite.

It has no MX Record where changes need, and it detects the phishing threats that Office 365. This is fully competitive like other email-leading security solutions.

IRONSCALES is not behind in providing robust protection against social engineering attacks. It can do spam filtering through which it gives additional protection advanced so that other email threat does not come.

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Microsoft Defender for Office 365

It is a cloud-based email filtering service that includes phishing policies, OneDrive, anti-malware protection, etc. These all together ensure a safe attachment.

As an additional service, it provides more protection for Office 365, and defends the threat protection policies including report, investigation, response, etc. Otherwise, you need to opt with Office 365 because the threat is beyond the limit.

It shows its features, especially for spam filtering and phishing protection. The third-party protection does not develop this, it directly works with Office 365.

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Forcepoint Email Security

Unlike others, it also offers adequate spam protection in the Email Security Solutions category. It promises the organization 99% of spam it will block. As per research, email security will last up to 30 days. This will help you to monitor the status.

Frocepoint email security also offers some security training which helps users to catch the spot threat.

It is one of the best choices for the customer where they can detect serious threats.

After installation of this application, it is easy to operate. It also has add-on features where it provides a multi-layer of protection.

It is a very good option for any company because it is one type of “set and forgets” service that they can run without any worry because of this software.

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How much ever we discuss this software it is less. We have mentioned almost everything about these, now as a user, you need to select whichever is the best Email Security solution for you as per your requirement.

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