Top 10 AWS Security Tools to Protect Your Environment and Accounts 2022

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AWS is nothing but Amazon Web Services, which is undoubtedly revolutionary and implemented by millions of businesses around the world to store and manage data. To store the data with high standard security, there several AWS security tools are available to manage, scan, audit the data that’s been stored. It has the ability to take companies to a dynamic scale with its infrastructure and application. Amazon is great when you include security features in it

Amazon is always responsible because it secures its infrastructure with the help of dedicated AWS security tools. Organization always does a thing very clear where the user must ensure that AWS services do their best. Many others have provided a lot of suggestions, to make this application easy and possible. After taking all suggestions this application operating system has become very easy.

Amazon takes Cloud computing services very seriously, and it has to be layered security. This company also provides the administrator to ensure their AWS deployment to make it secure. You only need to subscribe to the service.

AWS’s main work is to build the level high very quickly and securely. You only need to add new tools and services to be ready to fight with new challenges.

As per the report, 70% of the IT leaders get concerned about how secure their cloud is? And medium-sized businesses always think that their cloud data always at risk. AWS has much different security tools which help customer to keeps their AWS safe and secure. here we have listed some of the most important AWS security tools that help you to manage and secure your AWS infrastructure.

Top 10 AWS Security Tools

  • GuardDuty
  • AWS Shield
  • CloudWatch
  • AWS Inspector
  • Macie
  • Prowler
  • ScoutSuite
  • AWS Secrets Manager
  • AWS Web Application Firewall
  • AWS Config


This is well-known as a wall watcher, which detects the threat. It is a service that you can deploy, and this always perfectly scales with the infrastructure. GurdDuty analyzes your logs in their full service and ensures that everything is protected.

As per Amazon, this can analyze the ten of billions various AWS. This is a leverage machine learning which makes sure that you get actionable and accurate alerts. This service can only detect the activities related to account compromise, reconnaissance, and instance compromise.

It also encompasses few things like data exfiltration, disabling logins, port scanning, malware, etc. GuardDuty has designed with a hands-off tool where it analyzes your logs so that you can save the hustle.

AWS Shield

This application is managed by DDoS protection, which provides security to EC2, Route 53 resources, Load balancers, Global Accelerator, and CloudFront.

DDoS did not seem to do the revolutionary. Anyways, Amazon claims that 99% of food attacks got detected through AWS Shield. This is more than the CloudFront.

Many time attack happens due to prevent the specific company for the business. AWS security tool allows you to stay up without any engagement with the security team to give you a substantial competitive edge. It can protect the website which is not hosted in the Amazon Web Services.


This is an excellent AWS security tools that monitors everything. It proves that it has visibility in everything, whatever going on in your ecosystem. If you have worked with SIEM data, you would know this tool has can load the data and ensure critical access.

This service provides a ton of surrounding information that integrates with it,  instead of doing security applications, this aggregates resource utilization performance and data.

This also gets used to doing auto-scaling so that it can automatically remove computer resources to ensure the organization gets the best value.

AWS Inspector

To be protective is the best thing, and it gives a AWS security tools that searches for the vulnerabilities and scans of the AWS application.

The best thing in this service is the administrator, which gives consistent improvement and updates the AWS security team. To build the security standard that can comply with the application deployment and give the organisation a significant head so that everything can be secure. The best thing about this tool is it is always relevant.


Macie is one of the best machine-learning services where data gets access and detects unauthorized data access and data leaks.

This one of the AWS security tools works to protect the data. It also sends the alerts to the CloudWatch, where you will get the automation and custom alerts. It is a fully managed service where it becomes easy to be practical, and it also add extra visibility without doing anything.

Macia only supports S3 monitoring buckets, and it also allows the companies to know its data and whether it has compromised.


It is a third-party service that described AWS as the best way with the practice assessment. It also does good in forensic readiness, audit tool, and defense.

It is also great compliance which configures the scanner. This also develops the open-source community. Prowler boasts the spam configuration area like networking, configuration, identity management, etc. It is related to GDPR and HIPAA.


It is a great audit tool like Prowler. In this, there are two services like ScoutSuite and Microsoft Azure.

ScoutSuite is a multi-platform that supports Microsoft Azure. Not only this much but also supports AWS and Google Cloud Platform.

AWS Secrets Manager

By the name itself, you will understand that it can manage the service where you can store and retrieve sensitive information. This includes certificates, tokens, and database credentials.

It uses fine-grained permission to specify the exact actions to perform the secrets like updating, deleting, creating, etc. The secret manager always supports automatic rotation for the Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS).

Through this lambda function, other service secrets automatically got rotated. It is suggested that you should not store sensitive information in a control management system as a Git; you must always use Secrets Managers for it.

AWS Web Application Firewall

It protects the application and APIs build with CloudFront, AppSync, API Gateway, etc. You need to block the access where the endpoint is based with the different criteria as IP address, which is the request’s origin country.

This application values the headers and bodies to enable the rate-limiting and allow a certain number of requests per IP. This marketplace also includes managing rules where you need to associate with WAF and the third party manage rules that have to be from the leading security vendors.

AWS Config

This configures the records, and it continuously evaluates that. This keeps all historical records safely and modified to your resource and which is very useful compliances for the legal requirements.

It exists the resource against the rule and validates the specific configuration. It configures everything based on region. It also makes sure all resources are recorded, and you do need to expect to create any other resources.


AWS is a good security service, and you need to make this a challenge and pick the correct one. You first need to understand your needs, then as per the requirement, you need to select one among these best AWS security tools.