Multiple Adobe Security Vulnerabilities Let Attackers Execute Arbitrary Code Remotely

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A product security incident response team (PSIRT) manages a vulnerability disclosure program by acting as a single point of contact for external reporters, including customers, partners, penetration testers, and security researchers. 

They provide a standardized process for reporting security vulnerabilities found in the organization’s products and services. They prioritize private disclosure conducted in a way that minimizes risk to user data, the organization’s infrastructure, and its reputation.

Vulnerability Details

Security updates are available for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) to address critical vulnerabilities that attackers could exploit to execute arbitrary code or bypass security features, as all versions of AEM Cloud Service (CS) and AEM and earlier are affected. 

To mitigate the risks, administrators are recommended to update AEM to either AEM Cloud Service Release 2024.03 or AEM 6.5 Service Pack 20.0, both of which address the identified vulnerabilities. 

The security updates have been released to address critical vulnerabilities in Adobe Premiere Pro for Windows and macOS that could be exploited to execute arbitrary code on an affected system. 

Versions 24.1 and earlier on Windows and macOS, as well as 23.6.2 and earlier on both platforms, are vulnerable. The Creative Cloud desktop app recommends updating to version 24.2.1 (Windows/macOS) or 23.6.4 (Windows/macOS). 

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Adobe released security updates to address a critical vulnerability in ColdFusion versions 2023 and 2021, which could be exploited to read arbitrary file systems.

All ColdFusion 2023 versions before Update 6 and all ColdFusion 2021 versions before Update 12 are affected.  

It advises updating ColdFusion to Update 7 for 2023 and Update 13 for 2021 to reduce the risk, which Adobe has ranked as priority 3. 

Adobe Bridge versions 13.0.5 and earlier and 14.0.1 and earlier on Windows and macOS also include a security update to address critical and important vulnerabilities. 

Attackers could exploit the vulnerabilities to execute arbitrary code on a victim’s machine or cause a memory leak. Therefore, it is recommended that you update to versions 13.0.6 or 14.0.2 through the Creative Cloud desktop app. 

Adobe also released a security update to address a critical vulnerability (CVE-2024-20754) in Adobe Lightroom for macOS versions 7.1.2 and earlier, where an attacker could use the untrusted search path vulnerability to execute arbitrary code on a victim’s computer, potentially taking complete control of the system. 

To address critical vulnerabilities in Adobe Animate versions 23.0.3 and earlier, a security update has been released for Windows and macOS, and 24.0 and earlier for Windows and macOS. 

Attackers might take advantage of the flaws to run arbitrary code or cause memory leaks on a target system, so updating to the latest versions (23.0.4 for 2023 and 24.0.1 for 2024) via the Creative Cloud desktop app or the Download Center has been recommended. 

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