Hackers Selling Ransomware Victims and Network Access Data for $4 Million

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Israeli cyber-intelligence firm KELA has recently published its Q3 2022 ransomware report in which it has reported that an estimated $4 million worth of 576 global corporate network access is being sold worldwide by hackers, enhancing the cyberattacks on large corporate networks.

Initial access sales have seen steady activity in the sector over the past year, but the value of the offering has increased rapidly over the same period.

This quarter appeared to be about identical to the two previous quarters in terms of network access sales. However, the escalating summoned price has now reached a significant milestone of $4 Million.

In Q2 2022 the total value of initial access listings was estimated at around $660,000, which is far less than the estimated value of $4 million counted in Q3 2022.