Europol Warns That Hackers Use ChatGPT to Conduct Cyber Attacks

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Europol Innovation Lab recently conducted workshops with experts from Europol to investigate the potential for criminal abuse of language models like ChatGPT and their usefulness for investigators.

In the Europol Innovation Lab, innovative solutions are developed for improving the way that law enforcement investigates, tracks, and disrupts terrorists and criminal organizations by making use of emerging technologies.

It is no secret that ChatGPT has been a big success for investors and users alike. Due to this, the platform is also becoming a target for cybercriminals looking for easy money.

There has been a revolution in NLP due to the advent of large language models, which allow computers to generate human-like text with increasing precision.

The workshops aim to increase awareness of the potential abuse of LLMs, foster dialogue with AI companies to enhance safeguards, and encourage the creation of secure and reliable AI systems.

Large Language Models

As part of the Artificial Intelligence platform, the large language model can be used for text processing, manipulation, and generation. 

To facilitate the teaching of an LLM, a vast amount of data is provided through the following means:-

  • Books
  • Articles
  • Websites

As a result, it can understand patterns and correlations among words, which creates new content based on pattern recognition and correlations.

In November 2022, OpenAI publicly released a research preview of a comprehensive LLM called chatGPT created by OpenAI.

Currently, the ChatGPT platform system has a model which is publicly accessible and is capable of generating human-like text when it receives input from users and processes it according to those inputs.

Hackers Abusing ChatGPT to Conduct Cyber Attacks.

With ChatGPT and similar LLMs continuously improving their capabilities, hackers’ abuse of these AI systems is increasingly a concern.

As a result of Europol’s expert analysis, the following three crime areas are identified as being of particular concern:-

  • Fraud and social engineering
  • Disinformation
  • Cybercrime

LLMs are expected to become more advanced, increasing their risks. 

There have already been a number of improvements made to GPT-4 since its release earlier this month, which may prove to be even more helpful to potential cybercriminals.

For law enforcement to prevent abuse, it is increasingly important to stay on top of new advancements in technology and models.

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