‘BouldSpy’ Android Malware Used by Iranian Government for Surveillance Operations

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New Android spyware, BouldSpy detected recently by Lookout Threat Lab, linked with moderate certainty to Iran’s Law Enforcement Command of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Named after its configuration class, “BoulderApplication,” BouldSpy has been under their surveillance since March 2020 due to its command and control (C2) capabilities.

In 2023, security researchers on Twitter and in the threat intelligence community began focusing on this new Android malware, which has been identified as:-

  • Botnet
  • Ransomware

Lookout’s researchers speculate that the ransomware code present in BouldSpy is not operational and remains inactive. 

Either the threat actor is still actively working on it, or they are attempting to mislead investigators, which is a possibility based on the presence of the ransomware code in BouldSpy.

Lookout’s analysis of exfiltrated data from BouldSpy’s command and control (C2) servers reveals that the spyware has targeted over 300 individuals, including groups like:-

  • Iranian Kurds
  • Baluchis
  • Azeris
  • Armenian Christian groups

On release, FARAJA installs BouldSpy to further monitor the target using physical access they likely acquired during detention.

Although drug and firearm images alongside official FARAJA documents imply that law enforcement may have utilized the malware, the information obtained from the victims’ data points towards more extensive use, such as targeted surveillance of minority groups in Iran.

While apart from this, during the peak of the Mahsa Amini protests in late 2022, a significant proportion of the malware’s operations were observed.

Technical analysis

Given the limited number of samples available to security researchers and the lack of maturity regarding its operational security, it is presumed that BouldSpy is a novel malware strain. 

The absence of the following key features serves as additional evidence of its novelty:-

  • Unencrypted C2 traffic
  • Hardcoded plaintext C2 infrastructure details
  • Lack of string obfuscation
  • Inability to remove intrusion artifacts

BouldSpy’s espionage activities occur primarily in the background, taking advantage of Android accessibility services to do so. 

Moreover, it mainly depends on creating a CPU wake lock and deactivating battery management functionality to ensure that the spyware’s operations continue uninterrupted, without the device shutting down.

This in turn caused victims to experience a much faster draining of their device batteries than usual as a result of the attacks.

Now from the victim’s device to extract the cached data to the C2 server the spyware establishes a network connection to its C2 server just after getting installed on the target system.

BouldSpy can encrypt files for exfiltration, but communication between victim devices and the C2 takes place over unencrypted web traffic.

The threat actor’s insecure implementation exposes the entire C2 communication in clear text, simplifying network analysis and detection.

The following are the IP addresses of the BouldSpy C2 servers that Lookout has found:-

  • 192.99.251[.]51
  • 192.99.251[.]50
  • 192.99.251[.]49
  • 192.99.251[.]54
  • 84.234.96[.]117
  • 149.56.92[.]127

Here below we have mentioned the types of data of the victim that are found during the analysis of these servers:-

  • 66,000 call logs
  • 15,000 installed apps
  • 100,000 contacts
  • 3,700 user accounts
  • 3,000 downloaded files
  • 9,000 keylogs
  • 900 locations
  • 400,000 text messages
  • 2,500 photos

Deployment and capabilities

The C2 panel of FARAJA’s threat actor provides a user-friendly interface that allows for the management of victims’ devices, as well as the development of custom BouldSpy malware applications.

The malware operator has the option to choose between a default package name of “com. android. call service” which is designed to appear as an Android system service managing phone calls or to integrate the “com. android. call service” package into several genuine applications.

BouldSpy imitates the following applications:-

  • CPU-Z
  • Interest Calculator
  • Currency Converter Pro
  • Fake Call
  • Call Service
  • Psiphon

Here below we have mentioned all the surveillance capabilities:-

  • Get the usernames and types of all accounts on the device.
  • List of installed apps
  • Browser history and bookmarks 
  • Live call recordings
  • Call logs
  • Take photos from the device cameras 
  • Contact lists
  • IP address
  • SIM card information
  • Wi-Fi information
  • Android version
  • Device identifiers
  • List of all files on the device
  • List of all folders on the device
  • Clipboard content
  • Keyloggers
  • The location from GPS, network, or cell provider
  • SMS messages
  • Record audio from the microphone
  • Take screenshots
  • Record voice calls over several VoIP apps

Moreover, security analysts suggest that there may be additional victims and data collected because C2 servers frequently erase exfiltration data.

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