10 Best Network Security Solutions – 2023

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Network security Solutions are essential for safeguarding client data and information, maintaining the security of shared data, ensuring dependable network performance, and defending against online threats.

Your network and data are protected from hacks, intrusions, and other threats by network security.

Access control, firewalls, antivirus software, application security, network analytics, various forms of network-related security (endpoint security, web, wireless), types of network-related security, and more are all part of network security.

What are the Types of Network Security?

Technology has advanced significantly over the years, as it has enabled businesses to increase their security and implement other improvements.

To ensure the security of data and networks, several elements in the field of network security collaborate. 

This leads to the following various types of network security:


  • It serves as a barrier between two networks or between two devices. To prevent unauthorized access to the network, it essentially consists of a set of pre-established rules.

Access control

  • In order to prevent unauthorized access and potential threats, access control defines the individuals, groups, and devices that have access to network applications and systems. 

Virtual private networks (VPNs)

  • By using Cloud VPN networks along with authentication encryption techniques, floating data traffic over the Internet to a remote device or network, and other security measures, a system can be made to be extremely secure.

Intrusion prevention systems

  • You can easily identify threats and stop them by adhering to the rules contained in the network security solutions.


  • A cybersecurity technique called “sandboxing” involves running programs or opening files on a host computer in a secure, isolated environment that resembles an end-user operating system.

Application security

  • Application security is the combination of hardware, software, and industry best practices you employ to keep an eye on problems and fill in security coverage gaps.

Behavioral analytics

  • Software for behavioral analytics is made to help spot typical signs of abnormal behavior, which is frequently an indication that a security breach has taken place.

What are the Three Elements of Network Security?

The three primary components of a network security model known as the CIA triad are confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Following are discussions of the three CIA triad elements:

1- Confidentiality:

  • The keeping of information or assets secret is known as confidentiality. In order to ensure that only the right people have access to information, it must also be kept hidden from other third parties who might want to see it.

2- Integrity:

  • Data integrity is the assurance that the data hasn’t been altered or degraded before, during, or after submission. It is the assurance that the data has not been subject to unauthorized modification, either intentionally or unintentionally.

3- Availability:

  • Data is frequently useless unless it is made available to those within the organization and the clients they serve, even if confidentiality and integrity are upheld. This requires that all systems, networks, and applications operate properly and at the appropriate times.

How can we Improve network Security?

Many sensitive and private data sets are now stored online and made available through networks. 

Maintaining the integrity of your company’s data and preventing system intrusions are both made possible by securing your network. 

Therefore, it’s crucial to have strong network security solutions that enables businesses to protect their data and restrict access to only authorized individuals and entities.

1. Train Your Employees

  • An essential component of a comprehensive security strategy is to regularly update and remind employees to protect themselves from potential breaches.

2. Keep an Eye on Software Vulnerabilities

  • Basically, The most crucial action you can take to improve the overall cybersecurity posture of your home and office networks and systems is to upgrade your software on a regular basis.

3. Be Careful When Responding to Emails

  • Training employees to spot phishing attempts is advantageous as phishing attacks remain one of the most serious cybersecurity risks.

4. Physically Protect Your Network

  • Protecting your hardware from unauthorized access is the most fundamental step you can take to increase network security.

5. Use VLAN

  • A local area network (LAN) is just a collection of connected computers that are all located in the same area.

6. Improve Your Password

  • For each account, create a challenging and one-of-a-kind password with a secure password generator, then manage them with a password management program like LastPass.

7. Watch for Anomalies in Network Traffic

  • Observe any unusual network traffic, especially if it originates from locations where critical information is kept.

Why do we Need Network Security?

In order to safeguard client data and information, maintain the security of shared data, guarantee dependable network performance, and guard against cyber threats, network security is essential.

By defending systems against malware/ransomware, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, network intrusions, and other threats, network security solutions create a safe environment for users, computers, and software to operate in an IT environment.

Business operations and the provision of services and goods to customers are made possible by ensuring legitimate access to systems, applications, and data.

Network security is crucial for both personal and professional networks.

One or more wireless routers are typically present in homes with high-speed internet access, and if they are not properly secured, they could be used for malicious purposes.  

A strong network security system lowers the risk of data loss, theft, and sabotage.

10 Best Network Security Services 2023

Network Security Solution Providers Key Features
1. Perimeter81 1. Simple integration of cloud network security solutions across the hybrid network of your company.
2. Web filtering protects your business from web-based threats as a crucial part of your Secure Web Gateway.
3. Defend your business from harmful online content by protecting your staff, devices, and network.
4. View through reports on what members are doing online and export this information for auditing and analysis.
5. You have more control over employee productivity and their use of unauthorized applications with web filtering rules.
2. Palo Alto Networks 1. Any IoT device can be quickly and accurately profiled to reveal its type, vendor, model, and firmware.
2. Users can connect to data and applications anywhere due to integrated capabilities that secure both their internal assets and external ones.
3. With the same level of security as on-premises data centers, secure numerous public cloud environments.
4. To simplify security for thousands of branch offices, enable Zero Trust Network Security.
5. Safeguard east-west, north-south, and intra-container traffic between other workload types and container trust zones.
3. Proofpoint 1. Through the use of Proofpoint, businesses will be able to restrict access to certain cloud-based files, stop data loss, and archive communications.
2. Regardless of the location of the users or the network they are a part of, Web Security employs a people-centric approach to protection.
3. Microsoft Office 365 is compatible with and integrated with Proofpoint.
4. In order to provide multi-layered security, Proofpoint developed its protection software from the ground up.
5. The program generates intelligence reports that enable users to generate critical insights for advancement and the efficient use of security resources.
4. Rapid7 1. An extensive list of known vulnerabilities and configuration errors is used to inform thorough scanning.
2. Prioritization and risk assessment to better inform your approach to patching security holes and updating stakeholders on progress
3. Schedule your scans so that they don’t affect your network’s performance or availability.
4. Without having to perform a scan, Attack Replay enables your developers to independently verify a vulnerability.
5. Business and development stakeholders have a powerful and simple way to navigate and review scan results due to the interactive report.
5. Symantec Enterprise-Grade Cyber Security 1. Symantec provides options for any deployment, whether it be on-premises, in the cloud, or as a hybrid of the two.
2. Understanding what’s going on in your environment is made simple by Symantec Security Analytics.
3. It delivers enriched, full-packet capture for complete network and cloud workload visibility.
4. In order to combat sophisticated persistent threats and remove persistent malware, it can be activated remotely.
5. By enforcing policies and spotting unauthorized changes, ensures that endpoints are secure and compliant. 
6. Check Point Software Technologies Ltd 1. In a virtual sandbox, files are quickly quarantined and examined to find a malicious activity before it enters your network.
2. By combining several Check Point security gateways, you can build your own virtualized private cloud on-premises.
3. The most complete safeguards and data center-grade security are combined by Check Point Quantum 16200 Security Gateways.
4. When a power source fails, redundant power supplies guarantee ongoing operation. 
5. Denial of Service attacks are quickly stopped by Check Point DDoS Protector Appliances, which offer multi-layered security and performance speeds of up to 400 Gbps.
7. IBM 1. Uses deep visibility, wide visibility, and advanced analytics to find hidden threats on your networks.
2. The solution contributes to better network protection by utilizing behavioral analysis and the newest threat intelligence.
3. Examine the most recent developments in global security, gather information for use, and improve cooperation.
4. In order to prevent malware intrusion, increase control over application and user behavior.
5. Allow for the management of device policies and configurations, managed firewall device updates, and device troubleshooting.
8. Trend Micro, Inc 1. Manage the Home Network Security station and keep an eye on the usage of your connected devices.
2. When a new device joins your network, the New Device Approval feature notifies you.
3. Before files are downloaded to the requesting device, Dangerous File Blocking dynamically scans the cloud for potentially dangerous files.
4. For unknown or unwanted devices, disconnect the device from the internet.
5. With the help of content filtering, websites and content for various ages are blocked according to rules.
9. Microsoft 1. Utilize the multi-layered security offered by Microsoft for Azure operations, infrastructure, and physical data centers.
2. You can connect Azure virtual machines (VMs) and appliances to other networked devices by placing them on Azure virtual networks.
3. Azure’s built-in controls and services for identity, data, networking, and apps will help you quickly protect your workloads.
4. Integration of network security management and development using DevSecOps will speed up development.
5. Access your virtual machines seamlessly from a distance without being seen using public IP addresses.
10. AppTrana 1. Customers can ask specialists to check your website for false positives and adjust the site’s rules to guarantee there are none.
2. An integrated CDN is provided by AppTrana in collaboration with Tata Communications, which helps to enhance the functionality of the website. 
3. It finds application vulnerabilities by combining manual pen testing with automated scanning.
4. Layer 7 attacks are immediately protected by AppTrana, which also blocks Layer 3 & Layer 7 DDoS attacks. 
5. A set of security rules that take into account the HTTP footprint, client behavior, and reputation form the basis of its DDoS filtering process.

10 Best Network Security Solutions & Companies 2023

  • Perimeter81
  • Palo Alto Networks
  • Proofpoint
  • Rapid7
  • Symantec
  • CheckPoint
  • IBM
  • Trend Micro, Inc
  • Microsoft
  • AppTrana

1. Perimeter81


The user interface of Perimeter 81 is very easy to use and includes integrated single sign-on, built-in support for mobile devices, and two-factor authentication.

By preventing employees from visiting dangerous websites while allowing access to websites you trust, Perimeter81 ensures the security of your business.

Make rules that are specific to each user or group to control which websites are blocked, discouraged, or allowed. 

Additionally, Using Perimeter81, you can see who attempted to access sites that were blocked or had warnings, and you can filter reports to focus on particular staff members, websites, or web categories.

Employees can browse the web safely and avoid online dangers with complete administrative control over Internet access.

It is simple to restrict access to websites that reduce workplace productivity and to stop shadow IT by blocking programs that might endanger your company’s data.

Pros Cons
Block exposure to risky or suspicious websites to prevent data breaches. The platform still doesn’t have any useful dashboards or a way for us to alter them to suit our needs.
Having complete insight into user web activity will help you secure your network. To make the application feel more user-friendly, the UI could be updated and improved overall.
Utilize thorough reports to monitor unusual web activity throughout your organization. The package would be finished with an IP address overlay-based software-defined network service.
Enable sites that demand privacy to circumvent rules in order to comply with legal regulations.

You can also Download Free Network Security Checklist PDF Here.

Perimeter81 – Trail / Demo

2. Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto provides your team with an automated method that ensures uniform security across clouds, enabling them to stop successful cyber attacks.

Any user can work anywhere without restrictions with the help of the security provided by the Zero Trust Network Security Platform.

In order to achieve the ideal balance of security, speed, and versatility, it brings the most effective network security solutions available to any cloud-based or virtualized environment.

Using intelligence gathered from many thousands of customer deployments, Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls can detect both known and unidentified threats, including those hiding in encrypted traffic. 

You can automate policy workflows that adjust to changes, such as the addition, relocation, or deletion of servers, by using APIs and Dynamic Address Groups. 

It combines a number of point products, such as ZTNA 2.0, Cloud SWG, NG-CASB, FWaaS, SD-WAN, and ADEM, into a single integrated service, enhancing organizational agility while reducing network and security complexity.

Pros Cons
Each time a new attack is discovered, it updates the signature database of all firewalls. It is possible to significantly simplify the user interface.
Operating system executable files and a variety of other potentially harmful files are also detectable. Load balancer configuration can be challenging and complicated.
By enabling on-site sandboxing of files, the tool helps to resolve compliance issues. Having the ability to upload bigger files would be beneficial.
This platform fully supports the network infrastructure and operational systems that we have in place.

Palo Alto Networks – Trail / Demo

3. Proofpoint

Proofpoint os one of the best Network Security Solutions that defends individuals, data, and brands from cutting-edge threats and compliance risks.

With a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity education and awareness, Proofpoint offers you a proven framework that promotes behavior change and actual security outcomes.

Through the use of proofpoint, businesses will be able to restrict access to certain cloud-based files, stop data loss, and archive communications.

Also it is not malware software, this program can detect threats and malware and can shield users from them. 

The TAP feature from Proofpoint doesn’t just work to stop threats; it also investigates each attack and looks for potential patterns and behaviors to use, in order to stop the next threat more quickly and easily.

In order to better protect them from threats, businesses find out which employees are most frequently targeted within the organization.

Pros Cons
Enhanced security against malicious URLs and attachments Not easily deployable in Google Workspace
User management is very easy to understand and use. Does not prevent highly targeted attacks, such as spear-phishing
Businesses don’t have to worry about paying for legacy data protection when they use Proofpoint. Custom filters, it does not provide historical metrics.
It is much simpler to understand detailed reports, which is crucial for businesses to generate useful insights and solutions.

Proofpoint – Trail / Demo

4. Rapid7


When you work with Rapid7, you get dependable solutions, seamless controls, and the tactical advice you need to stay ahead of attacks. 

Vulnerability management, application security, detection and response, outside threat intelligence, orchestration and automation, and other tools are now readily available to security, IT, and DevOps.

The process of locating flaws on a computer, network, or other IT asset that could be used as targets by threat actors is known as “network vulnerability scanning.”

Additionally, the Insight Platform assists in bringing your teams together so you can stop putting out fires and concentrate on the threats that really matter. 

You can learn about your current risk posture, the efficacy of your security measures, and opportunities to strengthen your defenses by addressing vulnerabilities by scanning your environment for them.

Pros Cons
It keeps an eye out for malicious activity on all of our systems so that we can proactively stop any viruses from spreading. It can be challenging to configure at first when there are problems with Rapid7’s discovery scan.
It automatically quarantines and reduces vulnerabilities based on threats as they emerge, enabling quick and effective response. There are many problems with scans taking a long time to complete, which affects the resources available for the subsequent scans.
Find malware-infected devices and isolate them. Users from multiple teams must frequently collaborate on different tools as part of workflows.
Capabilities for scanning, such as specific vulnerabilities and compliance, are beneficial.

Rapid7 – Trail / Demo

5. Symantec Enterprise-Grade Cyber Security

Symantec Enterprise-Grade Cyber Security

Symantec Web Security is made on an advanced proxy architecture, offers superior defense against sophisticated threats, and safeguards vital business data.

To meet your unique needs and balance security, performance, complexity, and cost, Symantec Secure Web Gateway is available via the cloud, on-premises, or as part of a hybrid proxy deployment.

Multi-layer file inspection is a feature of Symantec Content Analysis, which helps to better defend your company against both known and unknown threats.

It offers advanced forensics, anomaly detection, and real-time traffic analysis of everything passing through your network or going to and from the cloud. 

As long as data privacy policies, laws, and regulations are followed, Symantec proxies and the SSL Visibility Appliance can decrypt traffic and provide data for a wide range of security tools. 

Symantec protects your company’s assets while utilizing a platform that allows all Symantec clients to share threat intelligence. 

Pros Cons
A leading provider of security technologies with distinctive and robust core capabilities. Usage outside of just end-user computers in other environments
Ensures that the cloud and web are used in a secure and compliant manner.  Resources are used up significantly by scheduled scans.
The capacity to intelligently quarantine potentially infected machines. The graphical user interface is extremely complicated.
Provides effective defense against cybersecurity threats

Symantec Enterprise-Grade Cyber Security – Trail / Demo

6. Check Point Software Technologies Ltd

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd

Globally, Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. is a top supplier of cyber security solutions to corporations and governmental bodies. 

The only fully integrated cyber security architecture, Check Point Infinity, guards against Gen VI mega-cyberattacks on all networks, endpoints, clouds, and mobile devices.

Its products offer industry-leading malware, ransomware, and other attack detection rates, protecting customers from 5th generation cyberattacks. 

Also it offers total threat prevention, closes security gaps, and allows automatic, immediate sharing of threat intelligence across all security environments.

The best one-point-of-control security management system is offered by Check Point. It is both comprehensive and user-friendly.

Strong security features like a firewall, intrusion prevention system (IPS), anti-bot, antivirus, application control, and URL are all part of the Check Point Threat Prevention solution.

Pros Cons
connecting to a VPN for secure data transmission between different vendors During periods of high usage, network latency can be decreased.
Check Point offers the most recent data and network security solutions to clients of all sizes.  The firewall struggles to repackage the packet in a way that some websites can correctly understand.
Low latency should be provided for frequent financial transactions. A number of the reporting tools available from Check Point are complicated and may require some time to become familiar with.
There is a simple, user-friendly web-based local management interface available. 

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd – Trail / Demo

7. IBM


IBM offers cutting-edge network security solutions that intelligently identify even unknown threats and adapt to stop them in real time, protecting your entire networks.

Customers seeking to protect their internet-facing applications from distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, data theft, and bot attacks can learn about a straightforward set of edge network services.

Veteran hackers on Security’s X-Force Red team can help prioritize which components to test, then find and assist in patching the internal and external networks of an organization’s most risky vulnerabilities.

Alos you can reduce your attack surface, stop unwanted traffic from reaching your servers, and dedicate your resources to their intended purposes.

Security teams are given a unified view of the larger threat by combining historical and current security information because events connected to the same threat are automatically linked together.

Network firewalls from the past and the future are monitored and their security policies are managed by IBM Security. 

Pros Cons
For better network visibility management, use firewall management to block access from unauthorized users. Updates are made less frequently, but they must always be made for security tools.
It identifies threats and guards against unauthorized access to the network. For higher management, create specialized automatic reports.
extremely effective at defending against frequent malware attacks The User Interface may become more understandable as a result.
Simple security rules can be defined for firewall defense.

IBM – Trail / Demo

8. Trend Micro, Inc.

Trend Micro, Inc.

Every Internet-connected device in your home, including game consoles, smart TVs, and appliances, is protected from cyberattacks by Trend Micro Home Network Security. 

Trend Micro Network Protection guards against hackers taking over your connected device and changing crucial settings.

above all, it provides APIs that enable integration between one business and other business units as well as third-party services.

Trend Micro’s Smart Protection Network is used by Malicious Website Blocking to shield users from scam websites and stop data breaches.

Having an infinitely scalable architecture and being continuously monitored by Trend Micro staff, this tool eliminates the costs and maintenance associated with physical infrastructure.

Pros Cons
Devices can be grouped by family members using the Family Profile, and the family can also set its own rules.  Officescan is inconsistent and occasionally fails to update when users have their items blocked.
To keep your children safe online wherever they go, it also has robust parental controls. The website’s instructions don’t match up with how you’re supposed to enable the firewall, and doing so is confusing.
Settings for extremely fine-grained control, such as URL filtering and blocking, and separate workstation and server policies It would be nice to have a better view and visibility into some of the available standard reports.
Simple and easy to use administration tools are available.

Trend Micro, Inc. – Trail / Demo

9. Microsoft


Microsoft offers network security services to defend your applications and cloud workloads against network-based cyberattacks.

For the purpose of meeting your needs for application and service connectivity, Azure comes with a strong networking infrastructure. 

It is based on a cloud that was constructed with specialized hardware, had security controls built into the hardware and firmware, and had additional defenses against threats like DDoS.

It is possible to establish network connections between Azure-hosted resources, on-premises resources, and the internet, as well as between Azure and these other locations.

Detect emerging threats and act swiftly with services based on up-to-the-minute global cybersecurity intelligence delivered through the cloud. 

Pros Cons
Integrating platforms and applications securely A lot of internet bandwidth and money is needed for services like cognitive services.
An effective analysis’s use of memory, bandwidth, and computing power To make it easier to create resources, the documentation must be improved.
Simple administration through a browser and internet access from any location. It takes time to set up firewall configurations and set access controls for virtual machines.
The new server can be set up fairly easily and scaled to handle more or less traffic.

Microsoft – Trail / Demo

10. AppTrana


It offers a fully managed, incredibly dependable, and very cost-effective SaaS solution for protecting web applications.

Through continuous monitoring in one location, it enables you to determine the application’s risk posture, patch vulnerabilities instantly, enhance website performance, and ensure proactive remediation against DDOS/emerging threats.

Web application scanner (WAS), fully managed web application firewall (WAF), integrated DDOS protection, and website accelerator (CDN) are all included in AppTrana’s integrated solution.

Application-layer vulnerabilities are found using web application scanning by AppTrana, a fully managed application security solution.

It adopts a distinctive approach to application security and encourages the assessment of application risk posture and the fortification of vulnerable points for efficient defense.

Users can view the number of blocked attacks and spot any trends in attacks using visual analytics.

Pros Cons
Since it offers a generic solution and defers management to the customer, its methodology differs from that of the majority WAF solutions. Additional features may be included in firewall custom rules.
By way of its managed offering, it offers thorough protection. It is challenging to integrate other devices, like SOC.
Through sophisticated DDOS protection, it guarantees site availability.  It could be a little bit smoother in terms of the dashboard and user interface.
Distributed Global Edge Locations allow users to monitor website performance.

AppTrana – Trail / Demo


Network security solutions are playing a major role in fighting against the sophisticated cyberattack by examining the traffic and detecting the cyber threat to protect the enterprise infrastructure.

Network security involves several software and hardware along with security practices. We picked up the above-listed Network security solutions based on their performances, detection accuracy, speed, deployment time, and prevention technologies used in respective products. We pick Perimerter81 as the top of the tool since it meets all our validation rules.