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Managed Threat Hunting Service
Cryptika Live-Ops are 24/7 on duty

Highly scalable, real-time EDR with unparalleled visibility for top security operations centers and incident response teams

Cryptika - Carbon Black Cb Response

Unlimited Scale

A large enterprise can have hundreds of thousands of endpoints, but an attacker only needs to breach one. You need a solution that scales with your entire organization to hunt and stop the advanced attacker.
Investigations that typically take 78 hours can be completed in 15 minutes. Cb Response captures more information about more events than any other solution, giving incident responders the most complete picture possible.

  • Unlimited data retention for investigating long-term attacks with extreme dwell time
  • Sophisticated data analytics and visualization tools built for big data at scale
  • Lowest TCO with no impact on the end user and minimal resource usage

Cryptika LIVE-OPS

The average breach takes 150 days to discover—unless your team is proactively hunting threats, detecting attackers, and shutting them down with Cb Response.

  • Fast search, zoom, and visualization of process trees and timelines to pinpoint threats in seconds
  • Consolidate threat intelligence for your environment to automatically detect suspicious behavior
  • Correlate network, endpoint, and SIEM data through open APIs and out-of-the-box integrations

Real-Time Response

An attacker can compromise your environment in an hour or less. Cb Response gives you the power to respond and remediate in real time, stopping active attacks and repairing damage quickly.

  • Isolate infected systems to prevent lateral movement and remove malicious files
  • Secure shell access to any endpoint through “Live Response”
  • Automatically collect and store detailed forensic data for post-incident investigation
Cryptika - Carbon Black Cb Live Response

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Cryptika services and solutions complements the speed of deployment, unparalleled scalability, and accuracy. Together, they help you identify the highest priorities and accelerate your ability to fix potential security holes before they can be breached.

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