We're assisting our customers evaluating their IT related business risks, building and improving IT security strategies.

Determine and assess your SOC maturity

Threat landscape rapidly evolves, where Security Operations Centers (SOC) are in the front line of defense, they need to be effective, mature and capable of detecting, investigating and responding to complex and persistent attacks.

We measure, assess and evolve the maturity of your SOC based on a proven capability maturity framework. In our assessment, we apply real world attack scenarios to determine the overall defense maturity and to gain insights on how to improve the effectiveness and efficiency.


  • Operational assessments for people, process, and technology
  • SIEM use-case development
  • Splunk, ArcSight, and Qradar Expertise
  • Review of incident playbooks and respone procedures (SOPs)
  • Blue team assessments
  • Simulated incidents with custom software to test SIEM implementation

Cryptika SOC as a Service

SOC Maturity Assessment is a way to exactly determine where your cyber posture stands, how much you have ROI at the SOC you have, how effective it is, and how much cyber resilient it is.

You don't have to run your own Security Operations Center, Cryptika is running one for you! SOC as a service is the best choice medium size companies choose

Unified Security for Threat Detection and Incident Response, delivered as a service

We bring the SOC to your hands, Cryptika SOC as a Service utilize virtual sensors to monitor your on-premises physical, virtual, and cloud IT infrastructure, and send events and logs to Cryptika SOC, our engineers will manage the SOC on your behalf.

Our Real-Time Threat Intelligence is a Game Changer!

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Cryptika services and solutions complements the speed of deployment, unparalleled scalability, and accuracy. Together, they help you identify the highest priorities and accelerate your ability to fix potential security holes before they can be breached.

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