DDoS Stress Simulation Test & Protection

Our defense DDoS testing service enables customers to identify weaknesses in their system through a series of carefully designed real-world attacks, thus we measure the effectiveness of detection and reponse systems and improving customer readiness for DDoS.

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What is lT Security Assessment?

The IT (Information Technology) landscape is sophisticated. Dealing with multiple contractors and suppliers, different IT architectures, and multiple hosting provisions has made it further difficult to maintain a consistent view of the cyber threat at all levels. And the threat is constantly evolving. Even when you might think system is secure, traditional preventive security methods may not fully detect or block frauds and cyber-attacks. That is why businesses cannot afford to let these threats stand in the way of growth and expansion. IT Security Assessment, which involves probing applications, operating systems and device configurations with the goal of gaining access to protected data, is a good way to determine what weaknesses may be present in an organizations IT infrastructure. This is among the first steps an organization can take to systematically eliminate risky configurations before attackers can exploit these openings.

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Whether you are looking for advice, testing or auditing services, it is our job as information risk, security and compliance specialist to keep our customers protected in today’s dynamic risk environment. Our elite team, experience and proven approach keeps you protected with future-proofed advice delivered in plain English.

By thinking outside the box, and keeping up to date with all the latest developments, we ensure we keep you one step ahead of the cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

Cryptika is a full-service information security consulting firm specializing in security assessments, application security, vulnerability management, policy development, regulatory compliance, and security research. Its consultants come from a wide range of backgrounds and specialties.

Cyber-security Assessment is Essential in an Enterprise Because:

By putting in place proper cyber-security assessments and audits, your organization can define the right strategy and growth/expansion program to protect your sensitive data and assets. By doing the following:

Cryptika Security Assessment - DDoS
  • Proactive Security Auditing/Testing: is the best safeguard against hackers and fraud.
  • In case if the software system is already hacked (backdoor) and organization wants to determine whether any threats are still present in the system to avoid future hacks.
  • Organizations want their data to be secured, and security audit/testing is essential to ensure security.
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Why do you need IT Security Assessment?

It is an important service that any business with sensitive data on their networks should consider. The information obtained from an audit/test may help prevent security breaches in critical public (web) facing infrastructure, as well as flaws within the LAN (Local Area Network).
Also the information obtained from the assessment can be used to better prepare your business against the ever present threat of cyber-attacks.
Getting tested may also provide additional intelligence to help complete risk assessments and to seek additional funding when changes need to be made.

The Goals of IT Security Assessment are:

  • To determine whether and how a hacker or/and malicious user can gain unauthorized access to assets that affect the fundamental security of the system, flies, logs and/or data.
  • To confirm that the applicable controls, such as scope, vulnerability management, methodology, and segmentation, required in compliance are in place.
  • Our expertise is only surpassed by our dedication to get excellent customer service. By thinking outside the box, and keeping up to date with all the latest developments, we ensure we keep you one step ahead of the cyber threats and vulnerabilities.
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